Les petites perles de Jade Empire

Tout ce qui tourne autour de Jade Empire et qui n'est pas du domaine de la Traduction et du côté technique du Modding.
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Les petites perles de Jade Empire

Message par Inny » 12 juin 2010, 13:34

En explorant le fichier des textes de Jade Empire, je suis tombé sur des entrées assez loufoques, en VO.
Rock the World
Locate Elvis impersonator Carter Syphin and Return him to the king.
Get the Air Guitar of Power and use it to defend the castle from the boy bands.
Use the Air Guitar of Power to smash open the heads of Ozzy's Family.
TEMP: I am a very very long string of epic and galactic proportions. Once I was short but then on my birthday I grew really long and now I am the longest string in this String Table. My sole purpose in life is to test the Chapter Screen and I can be removed and/or changed to something else later because I am essentially useless except for being really really long. This one time at Band Camp I killed a hooker but she wasnt really dead and now she haunts my mind like a ghost of some sort. In fact just the other night she was in my room while I was asleep and took pictures of me and put them on the internet and I was afraid and I may never sleep again ever ever.
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